Sunday, October 17, 2010

Let me introduce you

Oh how I love my children. I think they are the most precious thing here on earth to me. They can be a pain and sometimes I wonder where the nastiness comes from, but hey, puberty…puberty and probably a bit of genetics. Pretty sure I drove my parents crazy at times too. Sometimes it’s just convenient to forget about that!
One girl child and one boy child. Before we started a family I always said that I’d keep trying until I had at least one of each. My husband took that to heart and gave me just that. He’s very practical! Actually, my biggest wish in life has always been to become a mom. Hence my biggest fear was to not be able to have children. I feel truly blessed to have been able to bring my two babies in to this world. Now the trick is to love them, nourish them and educate them. Prepare them for the world; make them strong and independent individuals who are caring and respectful to themselves and the world around them.
That is a quest all by itself. So far it has taken me places I never thought I’d go! But I like a challenge and enjoy the road that I’m traveling!  
My girl child was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis just about 5 years ago. It took about 6 months before she got her diagnoses so she (and we all as a family) has been dealing with this with going on 6 years now. She is now 13 and a half (do not underestimate the importance of that extra half year!). It has been quite the ride and lately “things” seem to be spiraling out of control and seem harder to manage then they were before.
I’m a positive person and don’t like it when external factors can influence my state of mind, but I have to admit that it is tough at the moment. That is basically why I started this bog, so I can get rid of my frustration and in the mean time maybe educate people about Juvenile Arthritis a little bit.
Hope to start sharing my girl’s story and am looking forward to feedback, questions or suggestions! As far as the title of my blog; my daughter is the one with the disease, but my whole family is affected by it!
That’s all for my first post, will be continued!


  1. Dag lieve Laeta. Wat schrijf je prachtig, over het mama zijn en over de kloteziekte van je dochter. Ik vind het bijzonder dat je dit op deze manier 'van je af schrijft' en hoe je mensen hier deelgenoot van maakt. Mij hier deelgenoot van maakt. Omdat het intiem is, effect heeft op jullie allemaal, je schrijft over je persoonlijke worsteling, keuzes, trots. Dank voor het mogen 'meekijken' en een dikke knuffel. Zoals Lee hierboven schrijft: good for you! Angelique