Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Final Countdown!

     Wow, what a great Christmas we had with our little family!

     We were a little bummed that our first day of the holidays had to be spend in the hospital for another treatment, but we made a fun day out of it. My son was able to join us because of it so that made it kind of nice! My girl was kind of excited to show her brother the whole procedure and he was eager to find out what this whole iv thing was all about. The weather gods were kind to us and despite the fact that it is winter, our drive was very pleasant.  So, looking back on it, it wasn’t bad at all!

  Christmas was nice and we were all spoiled rotten. I have to say, whether it is due to the iv or due to the break, my girl has a LOT more energy! (Even to the point where I have to calm her down, she’s slightly hyper, like she’s on a constant sugar rush!) It’s nice to see and definitely a much better result than last month. Gives me hope again!

     Today I got a phone call from our rheumatologist. Just to check up on how my girl was doing. I realize that’s her job, but it felt really great to be able to “debrief” and discus some of our worries. We are totally blessed with all the care that our daughter receives. All I could wish for now is that she would actually start to feel better! I slowly see a difference, hope she’ll start noticing it soon too!

      Next step is to get her school work “back “on track. Not that it is really that bad, but I want to prevent it from becoming an issue. Right after the holidays I have an appointment with her teachers and we’ll see what
comes out of that! Then; next appointment on the 21st of January. Going to be a busy one; first an iv treatment, followed by a visit with her rheumatologist and ended off with an MRI of her knee. (sigh…have to get up at 5 am that day….ah well, at least we can get it all done in one day!)

      Probably my last post for 2010. Wish you all a fantastic 2011, may it be your best year ever!

     It has been quite the year for us, that's mainly why I started this blog. Thank you for reading and visiting. Don't be afraid to leave a comment, I appreciate your feedback!   

Sunday, December 19, 2010

'T Is The Season!

     Never a dull moment in my house let me tell you!  Getting pretty close to Christmas, a few more sleeps and then we will get a bit of a break.

     Have to say I’m ready for it, was quite the eventful few weeks again.
After my girl was finally over her cold, the next thing came along. Terrible back pain.  She couldn’t sleep, couldn’t focus, was basically just getting through the days. She stuck it out for a day and a half at school, but I had to pick her up for she couldn’t handle it anymore. The rest of the week she stayed home. Took her to see our physician and he prescribed her pain medication and physiotherapy. I’ve never been a big fan of pain medication but it was inevitable at this point. It gave her the chance to relax her muscles and in combination with the massages she finally got some relief.  She made it back to school for a four day week and at the end of that week her ankle was flared up again. It definitely is time for a break!

     Her missing out so much school is starting to affect her grades. When she is able to attend school she has so much catching up to do that it seems she never gets a break. I’m currently looking in to some options we may have to relief her from some of the burden that this is putting on her shoulders. Stress is definitely not helping her and her main focus at the moment should be her physical health. On the other hand, I don’t want to ruin her chances for her future plans, when it comes to qualifications for potential post high school courses. Luckily we still have a few years to go, and hopefully by then this will all be a thing from the past!

     Now we have only 3 more days of school left. The first day of the break we’re off to Calgary for another IV and after that……Yes, Christmas! Lights, loved ones, presents, good food and good company, bring it on!

Warm winter wishes from my house to yours!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


     Well, just when you think some quiet times are laying ahead….My girl didn’t get the boost I expected her to get from the iv. She developed a nasty cough over the weekend. With her immune system down and her treatment for TB we couldn’t take any risks, so off to Calgary we went again. Some blood work was done, throat swap and more x-rays. Luckily we got to see her rheumatologist too, so that was helpful! We were send home with the message that no news was good news. The cough and the cold stuck around for quite a while, but no further consequences. Yay, now we are really good for another month. Just before Christmas we have our next appointment. In the mean time, my girl seems to be doing a little better now. More energy and better sleeps.
     Went to get my tattoo touched up today, can’t wait for it to be healed and have it there forever! Never thought such a tiny little something could change my mood and attitude in such a positive way! Have had lots of great comments on it and it’s nice to explain the what and why!

     Now focus on Christmas! The tree is ready to be decorated, going to do that tomorrow! Falalalala!