Saturday, December 4, 2010


     Well, just when you think some quiet times are laying ahead….My girl didn’t get the boost I expected her to get from the iv. She developed a nasty cough over the weekend. With her immune system down and her treatment for TB we couldn’t take any risks, so off to Calgary we went again. Some blood work was done, throat swap and more x-rays. Luckily we got to see her rheumatologist too, so that was helpful! We were send home with the message that no news was good news. The cough and the cold stuck around for quite a while, but no further consequences. Yay, now we are really good for another month. Just before Christmas we have our next appointment. In the mean time, my girl seems to be doing a little better now. More energy and better sleeps.
     Went to get my tattoo touched up today, can’t wait for it to be healed and have it there forever! Never thought such a tiny little something could change my mood and attitude in such a positive way! Have had lots of great comments on it and it’s nice to explain the what and why!

     Now focus on Christmas! The tree is ready to be decorated, going to do that tomorrow! Falalalala!

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