Saturday, November 20, 2010


     Just came back from another visit to the Children’s Hospital. My daughter was up for another treatment. I’m totally okay with the 2 hour drive, usually I crank up the tunes and we’re there before we know it. Not in the winter though, and winter hit hard and fast this year. Hate it. Have to get up extra early to check the road conditions  and the weather forecast and then decide weather or not it’s safe enough to drive. For someone who likes to plan everything, these last minute decisions are hard to make. But anyway, I made the executive decision that it was safe enough to drive, so off we went. 

     Another prednisone iv. She was prepped and the iv went in. From there it’s just a two hour wait. Luckily there were some nice crafts for her to do while she waited (Can’t be to specific about them because they may end up as Christmas gifts!)

     Her specialist came in during the treatment; she examined my girl, what saved us another trip to the clinic 5 days from now. With this kind of weather that was a big relief. Next appointment is set for next month. Hope Winter will be kind to us!

     Not a big deal this treatment but I can’t say my daughter is in a very positive state of mind at the moment. Too much going on. School is demanding, she misses a lot, struggles to get through the day and always tries to keep a smile on her face. I don’t think any of her peers or her teachers realize what a struggle it is for her.  She doesn’t want to be treated differently in any way and usually she takes on more than she should. I guess  having to take all these meds every day, giving yourself injections twice a week and now iv’s once a month and not really seeing results don’t help either….

     I've learned that after every valley there is another peak. Let’s hope this peak is just around the corner!

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