Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer mode off, Fall switch on!

Wow, can’t believe Summer is coming to an end! Tomorrow my kids go back to school, they’re both quite excited! They’re lucky little stinkers since I have been back  a week already! We’ve had a bit of a slow start to our summer, weather wise, but the last few weeks have been nice. Tomorrow it’ll be raining so a good time to get back in to the routine!

Looking back on the summer, we’ve done a lot and it flew by. Last week we went for our semiannual check up at the ophthalmologist, all was clear so that’s good news! Next day it was off to Calgary for another treatment. Mentally she's doing great, physically we're not quite where we should be, considering all the medications she's taking.

In the mean time my daughter was denied for Humira ( I don’t think I feel too bad about that!) and a week or two later she was approved to start with Orencia. This is another biological and is given intravenously. Not sure when we will start this, her doc was not available when we went for her last infusion, so we’ll find out next go around.

We have a little family get a way coming up the beginning of November and we need medical insurance for that. Especially with my daughter being immune suppressed we can’t take any risks. A clause in the policy states that pre existing conditions have to be stable and medication changes cannot be done 3 months prior departure in order to be eligible for coverage. Another reason to hold of f the new meds for a little while! The things you have to be aware off when dealing with chronic conditions!

Went for a refill of our prescriptions and the pharmacist did not have all that we needed. He found a solution but told me the whole drug shortage thing is really starting to become an issue. I truly hope we won’t get in trouble at some point; with some drugs it’s just not safe to stop them from one day to the next. Keeping fingers crossed.

I’m glad to see my kids so excited for this new school year to start and hope it is going to be a fantastic year for them. Feel excited myself too, always love seeing the eager little munchkins coming in to their new classroom with backpacks that look bigger than they are, wearing their pretty new outfits! Let’s see what this year has in store for us!

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