Sunday, April 29, 2012

April's Ending

      The end of April is nearing, another month into 2012.

     Our visit to the Calgary Children’s Hospital was a successful one. Clean joints, no signs of inflammation what so ever. Still have a hard time believing it; it has been a while since we’ve had such great news!  Beginning to hope Humira is my girl’s miracle drug. We continue weaning the prednisone; my hope is to be done with that when the new school year starts. First year at the high school. Preparations for grade 9 farewell are well on their way.

     We had a great visit, not just because we got good news, also because we had the chance to discuss some questions we had, now that my daughter is starting to get in to her teenage years (with that comes teenage behavior…undeniable, so we better be prepared for whatever those years have in store for her!)

     I know it’s still a couple of years away, but I dread the day my girl has to transition into adult care. The seven and something years we have had the pleasure of dealing with her Rheumatologist have been truly a blessing. We could not have asked for a more caring doctor. In this time you build relationship. I know it’s a professional relationship, but if you are sharing the care of a child, it becomes an emotional bond as well. This lady has been there when my daughter was at her lowest and has been there to celebrate her successes as well. This lady has seen her grow up, from the skinny little 7 year old to the beautiful 15 year old. This lady has played an important part in my daughter’s life and helped grow from this miserable sick little girl into a wonderful strong young lady. I’m a little worried about our wonderful doc. Not sure why, but something is up. We’ll see, our next appointment is in July.

     Also have to give credit to my son. He has been so understanding and has never ever complained about all the attention my daughter gets. I feel bad sometimes, it’s hard to justify all the time and focus that goes to her. I told him how proud I am of him and how much I appreciate his attitude towards his sister’s illness. Love my boy, he’s a good guy!

     I’m also happy to share with you that my girl has won a $250 gift card with her JA video clip. She is over the moon and already has spent the money about 15 times in her mind. Can’t wait to go shopping with her! A mini fridge for in her room is what she wants to spend it on. With a bit of luck she can even throw in a microwave!

     Wonder what May will bring us. Hoping for healthy joints!

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