Thursday, July 19, 2012


     Wow, it’s been a while! June has flown by and July is sure to be gone in no time as well.

     June has been a busy month. When working in the school system and having two school going kids, June is always one of the busiest months of the year.

     My girl had recovered from her salmonella ordeal and had a few milestones coming up.
Grade 9 farewell was one of them; her last couple of days attending our great little country school. A lovely little ceremony was organized and all 11 of them looked stunning in their beautiful outfits. Am I biased when I say my daughter was the cutest?
my little beauty!
Exams were written, a final overnight fieldtrip to a somewhat local cowboy village was made and that was the end of 9 years of Crestomere School.

     She’s pumped to move forward and go to high school. I’m not overly excited yet, but it’s not all about me,right?!!

     June came and went and July arrived.
A long anticipated visit from Oma and a nephew from Holland was in the planning. The weather gods must have known those 2 were coming because as soon as they set foot on Canadian soil, temperatures rose to an average of 30 degrees Celsius. A great time was had by all and family bonds were strengthened.  We love living here and would never go back to Holland, but at times you do miss your family.  My kids and my nephew hadn’t seen each other face to face in 7 years. It didn’t take long for them to pick up from where they had left off. Plans were made for more visits in the future and I wouldn’t be surprised if that actually happens sooner rather than later.
visiting the hoodoos in Drum Heller.

     Ten days flew by, had tons of fun, showed them lots of the province, and yesterday we drove them to the airport again. They made it home safe. Strangely quiet in the house now, but looking back on those ten days, some beautiful memories were made. 

     Health wise it’s going pretty good with my girl. The one thing I am not too happy about is her energy level. She still needs to rest more than the average teenager. Has to paste herself or pay for it later. Hospital visit coming up in August or September , depending on the availability. Ophthalmologist planned for the end of August. I’m hopeful more drugs can be weaned but am hesitant to state it out loud, do not want to jinx the progress she has made since on Humira. Still a nasty shot to administer but boy is it ever nice to see her this healthy. 

     On another note: July is juvenile arthritis awareness month in the states. Since there is still so little awareness for JIA I thought I’d post this link. This is to show having arthritis is NOT just growing pains and in some cases truly can be life threatening. The family of this boy knows that all to well and they keep fighting to find something that works for them.

I wish them well and hope something positive will happen for them soon. Parker is a fighter.

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  1. Love Drumheller! I'm glad you guys had some great family time - good luck to Missy in the upcoming year. Tell the son just because I'm not teaching Jr. High doesn't mean I won't "be watching him" (he knows the hand signal I'm making right now). Ha ha! Miss them though!