Friday, September 20, 2013

Little Glitches

     School has started and fall is nearing. The routine is back, the seemingly endless summer days are shortening and the leafs are turning.

     We had a wonderful summer and the battery has definitely been recharged.

     My boy child is slowly getting used to his “daily pill routine”. So far to no avail though, I don’t see any change in the swelling in his joints so my guess is something new will be introduced after our next visit to the rheumatology clinic, which is coming up at the end of this month. Also complaints of mouth sores so hopefully we can quit the chemo…. An appointment with the ophthalmologist is planned for the beginning of October. Hopefully that doesn’t provide us with any challenges. Eyes always worry me…

     My girl child has been doing wonderful, up until a week ago. She told me her knee was bugging her and was worried she had to start all over again. Extremely frustrating for her after having had such a wonderful year where Arthritis has been on the back burner. Her knee does look swollen so I’m thinking her fears are legitimate. Hopefully this is just a short lived little set back, with school starting, work, weather changes etcetera being a trigger. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

     I have found fall is not a good time for our JA kids…I hear and read so many stories of kids being miserable this time of the year. It’s easy to let your head hang low at this time of the year, but guess what, that’s not how we roll; we have so many reasons to be excited and look ahead to a bright future! We’ve successfully dealt with this before, we can deal with it again!

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