Tuesday, March 15, 2011

OK, Spring, show yourself!

     It’s been a while, time for an update!
I have to say, the set back I described in my last update only lasted about a week. Even though the flares still happen, they seem to last shorter and that is a promising development!
     Another treatment was done the 22nd of February , the next one is planned for March 25th. The 6 monthly visit to the ophthalmologist is also behind us again, with no alarming results. The results of the MRI were also good.
     My girl is on the homestretch where it comes to her TB treatment; only a good month left. We are also very slowly weaning her off of prednisone.  Overall she’s doing quite well; much more energy and physically quite fit. Mentally there is much more spunk as well, what to me is the greatest blessing.
For the first time ever she was able to join the volleyball team as well as the basketball team and complete the season without too much issues. So very proud of her and happy she got to experience this!
Many good things are happening for her and she seems to really enjoy this break.
     ….the last few days she’s very tired again. I’m really hoping this has to do with the day light saving time or the change in the weather…I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I can smell Spring, ready for it!

Oh, and don't forget; March is Juvenile Arthritis awareness month! Spread the word!

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