Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snowy Easter?

     Here we are in April, and when I look out my window it still looks like we’re in a winter wonderland. The snow doesn’t want to stop falling this year. I guess this is the end of the period of draught we have had the past few years!

     Scary to realize that we are approaching the end of another school year. My youngest is going to go to junior high and my oldest has only one year left on our cozy little country school before she  is going to the high school in town….sigh…I’m getting old!

     We are in between two IV treatments, and my daughter seems to be doing quite well. There was a bit of a flare in one of her ankles but that came and went without much troubles. 
Guess what, she even decided to join the badminton team and is entering a tournament this weekend. I’m so excited about that, not because I expect her to win but because she CAN participate. This has been quite the turnaround for her; basketball, volleyball, badminton,  last year she didn’t even consider trying. Her physical well being has improved so much and that totally helped her boost her mental state of mind too. Today she was recognized by one of her teachers for the academic challenges she is tackling now.

     Seems to me that the endless pills, needles and IV’s are finally doing something for her. Now here’s to hoping she can enjoy this period of “feeling okay” for a while!

     And about the snow…..really, how much longer can that keep going on? We must be close to being done with that and then SUMMER!!!!

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  1. This is great! What a nice way to share the ups and downs of life with juvenile arthritis, and to celebrate the successes that you and your daughter have had! And that teacher you talked about sounds pretty fab too! LOL - I'll be checking in on this regularly now!