Saturday, March 24, 2012

Joint Forces part two!

     Well, our run was a success! My girl held a great presentation and we walked the school grounds in the snow. I had anticipated some long faces from the junior high students but I have seen none of that! Walking in the snow was kind of a nice metaphor; yes, plowing through the snow may take some effort, but then again, living with arthritis always takes effort. It was great to see our little friend, who suffers from JA as well, came out with her family. The driving conditions were not great at all so it was truly appreciated! 

      The students were all great sports and I believe my girl is excited to get her point across and gained a better understanding from her peers.

     The health reporter, Su-Ling Goh, from the local television station, Global Edmonton, came and interviewed us. She wrote a great little piece and it was aired that same day on the six o’clock news. I truly believe we have done a pretty decent job in generating some awareness and we raised a fair amount of dollars too. Here’s to hoping the first step towards reaching our goal has been set and wheels are set in motion.

Here is a link to the footage that was shown on the news.   

     On a medical note, my girl is doing pretty good at the moment. Her eyes were clear, that is always a huge relief. Next check by her doc is booked for the beginning of April. We need to get some blood work done before that. I have good hopes that Dr. J is going to be very pleased with how things are progressing. I am even thinking we could get the green light were it comes to discontinuing Prednisone….not saying that out loud though, I might be jinxing it!

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